Bible Map is a very cool Google Mashup that lets you link Bible locations in the ESV to Google Map views. In addition to pointing out the location on the map, the pop-up window has information and links to photos of the area. The project is in active development, and new locations are being added.

One of the creators, Tim Kimberly, was interviewed at the ESV Blog, and had these things (among others) to say:

The purpose of the site is to very simply connect every location in the
Bible with Google maps. I was reading my Bible one morning and came
across a location I had never heard of before. I grabbed one of my
Bible atlases off the shelf and looked in the index and the location
wasn’t in the index. I grabbed another atlas and the location wasn’t
there either. I realized Bible atlases have publication requirements
and aren’t able to be exhaustive. I began wondering if I could bring
together a site which would be very simple yet powerful and exhaustive.

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