With apologies, I must get this out of my system…

The following comments will inevitably get me labeled a radical right-winger by the left, and a radical left-winger by the right. I don’t care. Both parties have become so divisive over their respective social agendas that they’ve forgotten that it costs real money to do anything. Until they address the money issue, they have no credibility, and we are fools to continue supporting them.

At some point, both parties are going to have to figure out that there are not enough people and businesses to tax to support the spending they want. We may be able to put off the inevitable for a little bit by raising the debt ceiling or playing games with numbers, but our own money supply and the patience of the world financial markets can only stretch so far, and there will come a time when we simply have to make tough choices to cut the budget, and it will hurt.

Real people will be affected, and it won’t be pretty, and there is nothing government can do about it.

Blaming the social policies of one party or another isn’t going to fix it. Blaming prejudice isn’t going to fix it. Identifying what is obvious and true isn’t going to fix it. The only thing that is going to fix the financial problem is to stop spending more money than we have. Period. End of discussion.

We can argue over which lines on the budget get cut by how much, but every item will have to get cut. The lines with the largest numbers will have to get cut more drastically than the lines with the smallest numbers.

Government leaders had better pull their heads out of their backsides and figure this out now,┬ábecause┬áthe real people they tax at every economic level will start running out of money. When that happens, they’ll stop feeding the machine. No laws, no threats, and no armies will change that.

Is this really so hard to understand?

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