Solving Problems in Space

Sure, people online mostly know me as a seminary student, but what many don’t know is that I make a living in computer networking, and that I geek out a little bit whenever the topic of space and engineering comes up. You see, I like science just fine. At its purest, it’s a quest for understanding via discovery, and has much in common with my current passion, theology. But, the thing I appreciate about engineering is the drive to take the things that are discovered and make something useful, or to solve problems with the things at hand. There are fewer finer examples of engineers at their best than those who turned a near fatal problem into triumph in the Apollo 13 misison. As if they knew my need to geek out about space, the IEEE Spectrum wrote a fascinating 3 piece article about just that.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Now I need to go re-read Gene Kranz’s Failure Is Not an Option and watch The Right Stuff (and the recent Big Bang Theory episodes with Howard in space).

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