Theological Mutt

Theological Mutt. That is a term I’ve used to describe myself, as I have grown and read from a variety of traditions. I grew up in the United Methodist church. I have been in the Evangelical Free Church for a long time. I have read much from the Anglicans. I have read and been influenced by Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, and other friends from a variety of traditions. And then there’s seminary. If anything, it has moved me further from identifying too closely with any one tradition, while seeking out the things of value in all.

So what does that make me? What is the best term? I’m not non- or anti-denominational, because I derive value from the best of what they represent. I’m not multi-denominational. While I technically have affiliation in the first two mentioned, many would prefer you pick one and stick there. I’m not in the ecumenical movement. Rather than trying to get denominations to get along, I’d much rather Christians simply be Christians (it’s a John 17 thing). I’m not trans-denominational, as I don’t consider myself above them or so presumptuous as to transcend them, though that’s a term I flirted with.

Simply put (and please assume the most positive intent), I’m looking for a term that describes a disciple of Jesus who seeks communion with any and all who are also disciples of Jesus, who respect and value the best in those traditions to which Christians cling, yet is not beholden to them, but to Jesus.

Perhaps just ‘Christian’ or ‘disciple of Jesus’ would work. How would you describe it?

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  1. Theresa K. October 6, 2013 at 9:14 am #

    Interesting commentary. I felt similarly for many years. Then, a series of events and observations rapidly turned me away from non-denominationalism. There is certainly no denomination that gets it 100% right, but i an now at home in a church body who keeps to purposeful creeds and order of worship.

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