Hasty Sci-Fi

Though the world thought them to be pacifists, the cunning of the Slopokian Empire was revealed like a rolling prairie exposed by a glacier. Slopokia’s inhospitable geography isolated it from nations and their conquerors. By the time the world’s inhabitants achieved flight, world borders were long established. The Slopokians observed. They schemed. They acted.

As they began to explore the world and know its peoples, they blessed their Source for granting them abundant natural resources. Friendships were struck. Trade routes were established.

When they were ready, they came. Caravans! Long caravans emptying a cornucopia of Slopokian wealth moved about the land. Merchants bought and sold, bringing material, craft, food, knowledge, and leisure to all. None but the keenest observer would notice a deliberateness to the way the great Slopokian cargo wagons moved at a velocity ever so slightly slower than the hurried souls of other lands. The cargo drivers, in a quirk attributed to Slopokian culture, remained ever polite, and never caused accidents.

The Masters waited. By trading on the most favorable terms, wealth grew across the world. But all the while the Masters and their emissaries appealed to the greed of nations, pushing them to increase the pace of their lives until stress and fear ruled hearts. No one saw the change through centuries of toil. The deliberate speed of the caravans shaped traffic to move in great waves of speed and stop.

The psychological effect took centuries to reach its fruition. After fifty-seven centuries, within a month billions succumbed to madness and rage. Civil wars raged and nations fell. The Masters of the Slopokian Empire laughed. Under the guise compassion, the Slopokians healed minds and societies, and unified them under one leadership. A world was conquered with no weapons but patience and the mind, and the people never once perceived their willing transformation from free people to perpetual indentured servitude.

A great empire rose because one who would become the first Master grew bored one day, sitting in his cargo wagon waiting to move through a traffic jam.

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